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At Texas Add-A-Wallbed, helping people regain space with beautiful furniture has been our priority since day one. Our Murphy Beds provide much-needed space savings, while ensuring ideal sleeping conditions. At our manufacturing facility – we specialize in real wood, space saving Murphy beds and storage cabinets.

We focus on three major aspects in building every one of our products. First, we ‘re proud to say that we produce our wallbeds in the U.S.A. With so many furniture companies taking manufacturing overseas, keeping our production at home is very important to us. This also includes purchasing our raw materials from domestic suppliers and manufacturers as well.

Secondly, we strive to improve our product and our process by keeping an eye on how we impact our planet. We do our best to integrate renewable resources, eco-sensitive products, and environmentally friendly practices. From our Green-T plywood to our H.A.P.s free coatings, we are constantly looking to find a better way to work and to live.

Finally, we make every effort to keep our wallbeds user friendly and our products constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of consumers. Because of our manufacturing capabilities and modern machinery, we are able to incorporate revolutionary hardware that makes our Murphy Beds extremely easy to use, with simpler instructions, fewer parts, and an effortless assembly process. With only seven individual pieces, our Murphy beds are the easiest to assemble in the industry.


I recently found Murphy Beds online and later visited with Gina at Texas Add-A-Wallbed and was pleasantly surprised at both the cost and quality of the bed. As a registered architect I am frequently exposed to a wide range of quality in furniture and casework and will attest that our new Stafford Park with side units is outstanding. I am very impressed and quite happy. The materials used are superb along with the joinery and attention to the construction details is of a higher quality than you will find for wall beds costing much more. This new addition to my home will certainly stand the test of time and I would recommend that you give them serious consideration.

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